1. Nearly what proportion of the total amount of Sun's energy coming to the Earth is directly reflected back into space by its top atmosphere?
    (A) One-tenth
    (B) One-fifth
    (C) One-fourth
    (D) One-third
  2. Show Answer (D) One-third

  3. Name the source of energy in stars?
    (A) Fusion
    (B) Fission
    (C) Burning of coal
    (D) None of the above

  4. Which of the following power systems provides the highest quantity of energy in India?
    (A) Hydro-electric
    (B) Nuclear
    (C) Thermal
    (D) Wind and tidal
  5. Show Answer (A) Hydro-electric

  6. Energy to carry out any action of life process is obtained from?
    (A) Adenosinetriphosphate.
    (B) Adenosine diphosphate
    (C) Guanosine diphosphate
    (D) Guanosine triphosphate
  7. Show Answer (A) Adenosinetriphosphate.

  8. Insolation heats up land masses more quickly than the water bodies because?
    (A) Water is liquid
    (B) Landmasses are solid
    (C) Water needs more energy to warm
    (D) Rocks are bad conductors of heat
  9. Show Answer (C) Water needs more energy to warm

  10. Only glucose is used for energy requirement by
    (A) Kidney
    (B) Muscles
    (C) Brain
    (D) Liver

  11. The Sun releases its energy due to?
    (A) Nuclear fission
    (B) Nuclear fusion
    (C) Conduction
    (D) None of the above
  12. Show Answer (B) Nuclear fusion

  13. A device used to convert electrical energy in to mechanical energy
    (A) Dynamo
    (B) Generator
    (C) Electric motor
    (D) None of these
  14. Show Answer (C) Electric motor

  15. Small drops of a liquid are spherical in shape because?
    (A) the surface energy is maximum for the spherical shape
    (B) for a given volume; the surface area of a sphere is maximum
    (C) the surface energy is minimum for the spherical shape
    (D) the earth attracts all the particles of the drop equally
  16. Show Answer (C) the surface energy is minimum for the spherical shape

  17. What should be given to an athlete for instant energy?
    (A) Vitamin
    (B) Carbohydrates
    (C) Protein
    (D) Fat
  18. Show Answer (B) Carbohydrates

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