1. The Headquarters of International Atomic Energy Agency(IAEA) are situated at?
    (A) Vienna
    (B) Geneva
    (C) Rome
    (D) Paris

  2. Who was appointed as the new Director-General of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in December, 2009?
    (A) Mohammed EI Baradei
    (B) Yukiya Amano
    (C) Mark Malloch Brown
    (D) Koichiro Matsuuna
  3. Show Answer (B) Yukiya Amano

  4. Which energy source listed below comes under the Non-conventional energy?
    (A) Hydel Power
    (B) Tidal Power
    (C) Atomic Power
    (D) Thermal Power
  5. Show Answer (B) Tidal Power

  6. The photoelectric effect is based on the law of conservation of
    (A) Energy
    (B) Mass
    (C) Momentum
    (D) Angular momentum

  7. The most important source of commercial energy in India is?
    (A) Petroleum
    (B) Coal
    (C) Electricity
    (D) Atomic

  8. Name the source of energy in stars?
    (A) Fusion
    (B) Fission
    (C) Burning of coal
    (D) None of the above

  9. Decibel is a unit of?
    (A) Atmospheric pressure
    (B) Force
    (C) Energy
    (D) Sound;

  10. Energy is directly or indirectly received from?
    (A) Moon
    (B) Sun
    (C) Stars
    (D) Water

  11. 'Light year' is related to?
    (A) Speed
    (B) Intensity of light
    (C) Distance
    (D) Energy

  12. What is the principle of atom bomb
    (A) nuclear fission
    (B) nuclear fusion
    (C) nuclear energy
    (D) None of these
  13. Show Answer (A) nuclear fission

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