1. Capacity of doing work is known as
    (A) Velocity
    (B) Momentum
    (C) Acceleration
    (D) Energy

  2. The headquarters of the international Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is
    (A) Geneva
    (B) Vienna
    (C) Cairo
    (D) Paris

  3. Which lamp has the highest energy efficiency?
    (A) Incandescent lamp
    (B) LED lamp
    (C) CFL
    (D) Arc lamp

  4. A device used to convert electrical energy in to mechanical energy
    (A) Dynamo
    (B) Generator
    (C) Electric motor
    (D) None of these
  5. Show Answer (C) Electric motor

  6. Which of the following statements relating to sound and light is true?
    (A) Light IS a form of kinetic energy; whereas sound is a form of potential energy
    (B) Light can be reflected but sound cannot be
    (C) Light travels faster in air than does sound
    (D) Sound travels in waves but light does not
  7. Show Answer (C) Light travels faster in air than does sound

  8. Energy generation in stars is mainly due to
    (A) Fusion of lighter nuclei
    (B) Chemical reaction
    (C) Fission reaction
    (D) None of these
  9. Show Answer (A) Fusion of lighter nuclei

  10. In which form is the largest amount of energy received by the Earth from the Sun?
    (A) X-ray
    (B) Gamma rays
    (C) Infra-red energy
    (D) None of the above
  11. Show Answer (C) Infra-red energy

  12. A photo-electric cell converts?
    (A) sound energy into electrical energy
    (B) light energy into electrical energy
    (C) an electrical signal into sound waves
    (D) electrical energy into light energy
  13. Show Answer (B) light energy into electrical energy

  14. Conversion of heat into electrical energy can be achieved by
    (A) Transistor
    (B) Thermocouple
    (C) Voltmeter
    (D) Dynamo
  15. Show Answer (B) Thermocouple

  16. Joule second is the unit of?
    (A) Work
    (B) Power
    (C) Energy
    (D) Force

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