1. Monetary Policy in India "is laid down and executed by?
    (A) Union Government
    (C) Reserve Bank of India
    (D) FlCCI
  2. Show Answer (C) Reserve Bank of India

  3. Who conducts public debt operations of the Government of India?
    (A) The Controllers of Capital Issues
    (B) The Union Ministry of Finance
    (C) State Bank ofIndia
    (D) The Reserve Bank ofIndia
  4. Show Answer (D) The Reserve Bank ofIndia

  5. The Indian Government is giving import entitlement to?
    (A) Foreign Traders
    (B) Indian Exporters
    (C) Indian Bankers
    (D) Industrialists
  6. Show Answer (B) Indian Exporters

  7. Fiscal deficit in the Union Budget means?
    (A) TI1edifferent between current expenditure and CU1Tent l:evenue
    (B) Net increase jnUuiou Governments; borrowings from the Reserve Bank of India
    (C) The stun of budgetary deficit and net increase in internal and external bon-owings
    (D) Thesum of monetised deficit and budgetary deficit
  8. Show Answer (C) The stun of budgetary deficit and net increase in internal and external bon-owings

  9. The major finance for small scale industries is?
    (A) shares and debentures
    (B) bank loans
    (C) public deposits
    (D) foreign aid
  10. Show Answer (B) bank loans

  11. Long-term loans in India's Co-operative structure are extended by?
    (A) Primary Co-operative Societies
    (B) Central Banks
    (C) State Co-operative Banks
    (D) Land Development Banks
  12. Show Answer (D) Land Development Banks

  13. All of the following are subsidiaries of the State Bank of India except?
    (A) Central Bank of India
    (B) State Bank of Bikaner and jaipur
    (C) State Bank of Hyderabad
    (D) State Bank ofPatiala
  14. Show Answer (A) Central Bank of India

  15. Which one of the following Five-Year Plans recognised human development as the core of all developmental efforts ?
    (A) The Third five Year plan
    (B) The Fifth Five - Year Plan
    (C) The Sixth Five Year Plan
    (D) The Eighth Five - Year Plan
  16. Show Answer (D) The Eighth Five - Year Plan

  17. Who introduced Five Year Plan?
    (A) Stalin
    (B) Nehru
    (C) Gorbachev
    (D) None of these

  18. The Planning Commission implemented three Annual Plans instead of Five-Year Plans between
    (A) the third and fourth plan
    (B) the Fifth and Sixth Plan
    (C) the Sixth and Seventh plan
    (D) the Seventh and Eighth Plan
  19. Show Answer (A) the third and fourth plan

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