1. Earth day is celebrated in?
    (A) 22ndAprii
    (B) 22nd May
    (C) 23rd April
    (D) 22nd March
  2. Show Answer (A) 22ndAprii

  3. Which day is observed as World Ocean Day?
    (A) Jun 8
    (B) June 5
    (C) June 17
    (D) June 14

  4. Which day is celebrated as United Nations Day every year?
    (A) 7th April
    (B) 24th October
    (C) 14th November
    (D) 27th December
  5. Show Answer (B) 24th October

  6. ‘World Day for Water’ was observed on which of the following days?
    (A) 22nd January
    (B) 22nd February
    (C) 22nd March
    (D) 22nd April
  7. Show Answer (C) 22nd March

  8. Panchayat Day is observed on the birthday of
    (A) Gandhiji
    (B) Nehru
    (C) Balwanta Rai Mehta D
    (D) Dr. Rajendra Prasad
  9. Show Answer (C) Balwanta Rai Mehta D

  10. When is the "National Science Day'/celebrated in India?
    (A) April 5
    (B) September 5
    (C) February 28
    (D) None of the above
  11. Show Answer (C) February 28

  12. International 'Mole' day is celebrated on?
    (A) September 22
    (B) April 23
    (C) October 23
    (D) March 22
  13. Show Answer (C) October 23

  14. The UN day is celebrated on?
    (A) September 15
    (B) March 23
    (C) October 24
    (D) June 5
  15. Show Answer (C) October 24

  16. The International day of non-violence is observed by UNO on the Birth Day of
    (A) Mother Teresa
    (B) Buddha
    (C) M.K.Gandhiji
    (D) Jesus Christ
  17. Show Answer (C) M.K.Gandhiji

  18. Teacher's Day (September 5) is celebrated in India as the birth- day celebration of?
    (A) Acharya Kriplani
    (B) Mahadev Govind Ranade
    (C) Prof. J.C. Bose
    (D) Sir S. Radhakrishnan
  19. Show Answer (D) Sir S. Radhakrishnan

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