1. When is World Computer Literacy Day celebrated?
    (A) January 2nd
    (B) March 5th
    (C) May 20th
    (D) December 2nd
  2. Show Answer (D) December 2nd

  3. Which day is observed as World Food Day?
    (A) October 5
    (B) October 6
    (C) October 15
    (D) October 16
  4. Show Answer (D) October 16

  5. When is the 'National Youth Day' in India celebrated?
    (A) August 20
    (B) January 12
    (C) July 15
    (D) April 26
  6. Show Answer (B) January 12

  7. The centenary of Mahatma Gandhi's arrival in South Africa was' celebrated in?
    (A) May'93
    (B) August '93
    (C) September '93
    (D) October; 93

  8. Teacher's Day (September 5) is celebrated in India as the birth- day celebration of?
    (A) Acharya Kriplani
    (B) Mahadev Govind Ranade
    (C) Prof. J.C. Bose
    (D) Sir S. Radhakrishnan
  9. Show Answer (D) Sir S. Radhakrishnan

  10. When is the commonwealth day celebrated?
    (A) May 1
    (B) May 3
    (C) May 15
    (D) May 24

  11. Christmas is celebrated in summer in which of the following countries?
    (A) Japan
    (B) Sweden
    (C) Australian
    (D) Green Land
  12. Show Answer (C) Australian

  13. Which of the following day is celebrated as Kargil Victoryday?
    (A) July 16
    (B) July 20
    (C) July 26
    (D) July 31

  14. National literacy Day is observed on
    (A) September 8
    (B) September 5
    (C) June 5
    (D) February 28
  15. Show Answer (A) September 8

  16. World Environment Day is celebrated on?
    (A) April 21
    (B) May 1
    (C) June 1
    (D) June 5

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