1. The acid used in tanning and printing industry is
    (A) Tannic acid
    (B) Benzoic acid
    (C) Hydrochloric acid
    (D) Phosphoric acid
  2. Show Answer (C) Hydrochloric acid

  3. The commodity for which India spends the largest amount to import is
    (A) iron and steel
    (B) food grains
    (C) crude petroleum
    (D) fertilizers
  4. Show Answer (C) crude petroleum

  5. Which gas from Mathura refinery is a threat to Taj Mahal?
    (A) Carbon dioxide
    (B) Sulphur dioxide
    (C) Nitrous oxide
    (D) Nitrogen oxide
  6. Show Answer (B) Sulphur dioxide

  7. Petrology deals with which of the following?
    (A) Study of the petroleum products
    (B) Study of petroleum-related market economy
    (C) Study of rocks in the earth's crust
    (D) Study of the formation of soils
  8. Show Answer (C) Study of rocks in the earth's crust

  9. The Contact Process is involved in the manufacturing of
    (A) Nitric acid
    (B) Sulphuric acid
    (C) Ammonia
    (D) Caustic soda
  10. Show Answer (B) Sulphuric acid

  11. The gas predominantly responsible for global warming is?
    (A) Carbon Monoxide
    (B) Carbon di Oxide
    (C) Sulphur di Oxide
    (D) Nitrous Oxide
  12. Show Answer (B) Carbon di Oxide

  13. Which of the following is not a bleaching agent?
    (A) Sulphur dioxide
    (B) Carbon dioxide
    (C) Sodium hypochlorite
    (D) Chlorine
  14. Show Answer (B) Carbon dioxide

  15. Which of the following fertilisers leaves acidic residue?
    (A) Urea
    (B) Ammonium Phosphate
    (C) Ammonium sulphate
    (D) Sulphate of potash
  16. Show Answer (C) Ammonium sulphate

  17. Reaction of alcohol with a arboxylic acid is known as
    (A) Substitution Reaction B
    (B) Addition Reaction
    (C) Esterification
    (D) Hydrogenation
  18. Show Answer (C) Esterification

  19. The acid which fumigates when exposed to air is
    (A) Sulphuric acid
    (B) Hydrochloric acid
    (C) Lactic acid
    (D) Nitric acid
  20. Show Answer (D) Nitric acid

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