1. The commodity for which India spends the largest amount to import is
    (A) iron and steel
    (B) food grains
    (C) crude petroleum
    (D) fertilizers
  2. Show Answer (C) crude petroleum

  3. The acid which fumigates when exposed to air is
    (A) Sulphuric acid
    (B) Hydrochloric acid
    (C) Lactic acid
    (D) Nitric acid
  4. Show Answer (D) Nitric acid

  5. Reaction of alcohol with a arboxylic acid is known as
    (A) Substitution Reaction B
    (B) Addition Reaction
    (C) Esterification
    (D) Hydrogenation
  6. Show Answer (C) Esterification

  7. The element which is both very hard and soft is
    (A) tin
    (B) carbon
    (C) sulphur
    (D) Phosphorous

  8. To which of the following does petroleum belong?
    (A) Nitrate
    (B) Oxid
    (C) Fat
    (D) Hydrocarbon
  9. Show Answer (D) Hydrocarbon

  10. Which of the following metals can displace hydrogen from dilute acids ?
    (A) Zinc
    (B) Gold
    (C) Copper
    (D) Silver

  11. The common constituent of aminoacids, proteins and nucleic acids are
    (A) Sulphur
    (B) Silver
    (C) Gold
    (D) Nitrogen

  12. Which of the following fertilisers leaves acidic residue?
    (A) Urea
    (B) Ammonium Phosphate
    (C) Ammonium sulphate
    (D) Sulphate of potash
  13. Show Answer (C) Ammonium sulphate

  14. Soda water contains?
    (A) Nitrous acid
    (B) Sulphuric acid
    (C) Carbon dioxide
    (D) Hydrochloric acid
  15. Show Answer (C) Carbon dioxide

  16. Rubber is coagulated from latex by adding
    (A) hydrochloric acid
    (B) Formic acid
    (C) sulphuric acid
    (D) carbonic acid
  17. Show Answer (B) Formic acid

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