1. No taxation without representation is a well known slogan associated with the
    (A) French revolution
    (B) American War of Independence
    (C) Russian Revolution
    (D) Glorious Revolution
  2. Show Answer (B) American War of Independence

  3. Who emerged as a great leader in France as a result of the ‘French Revolution’?
    (A) Voltaire
    (B) Napolean Bonaparte
    (C) Karl Marx
    (D) None of these
  4. Show Answer (B) Napolean Bonaparte

  5. Kerensky was associated with the
    (A) Civil war in England
    (B) Industrial Revolution
    (C) Russian Revolution
    (D) None of these
  6. Show Answer (C) Russian Revolution

  7. Who was the head of the Russia in 1917 after revolution?
    (A) Lenin
    (B) Napolean Bonaparte
    (C) Leon Trotesky
    (D) Hitler

  8. Martin Luther is associated with ————
    (A) Industrial Revolution
    (B) Reformation
    (C) Slave Society
    (D) French Church
  9. Show Answer (B) Reformation

  10. The slogan "No taxation without representation" was raised during the?
    (A) American Warof Independence
    (B) Russian Revolution
    (C) French Revolution
    (D) Indian Freedom Struggle
  11. Show Answer (A) American Warof Independence

  12. Who banned ‘shake hand in Italy in 1930’?
    (A) Benitto Mussolini
    (B) Adolf Hitler
    (C) Stalin
    (D) Lenin
  13. Show Answer (A) Benitto Mussolini

  14. Who emerged as a great leader after the Russian Revolution?
    (A) Karl Marx
    (B) Vladimir Lenin
    (C) Rabbespierre
    (D) None of these
  15. Show Answer (B) Vladimir Lenin

  16. The sect of Christians who migrated to America because they could not put up with the religious tyranny of the majority sect, was?
    (A) Roman Catholics
    (B) Protestants
    (C) Revolutionaries
    (D) Muslims
  17. Show Answer (A) Roman Catholics

  18. The variation in the duration of the day and night is due to Earth's?
    (A) Rotation on its axis
    (B) Revolution around the Sun
    (C) Inclination of an angle of 66 and Y degrees
    (D) Both (a) and (c) above
  19. Show Answer (D) Both (a) and (c) above

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