Current affairs 2017

  1. India's first ever National Rail and Transport University (NRTU) will set up in which state?
    [A] Rajasthan
    [B] Odisha
    [C] Karnataka
    [D] Gujarat

  2. Which state to host the 3rd edition of the Science Film Festival of India (SCI FFI 2018)?
    [A] Maharashtra
    [B] Goa
    [C] Tamil Nadu
    [D] Jammu & Kashmir

  3. Which city is hosting the Conference on Transformation of Aspirational Districts?
    [A] New Delhi
    [B] Kochi
    [C] Chennai
    [D] Bengaluru
  4. Show Answer [A] New Delhi

  5. The Indian Institute of Pulses Research (IIPR) is located in which state?
    [A] Uttar Pradesh
    [B] Madhya Pradesh
    [C] Gujarat
    [D] Punjab
  6. Show Answer [A] Uttar Pradesh

  7. India and which country has recently signed pact for socio economic development of Rakhine State?
    [A] Nepal
    [B] Bangladesh
    [C] Sri Lanka
    [D] Myanmar

  8. Which country to host meeting of WTO member countries in February on food security and other issues?
    [A] Japan
    [B] United States
    [C] Australia
    [D] India

  9. The Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs (IICA) has signed MoU with which Payments Bank to provide training on payment banking?
    [A] Paytm Payments Bank
    [B] Airtel Payments Bank
    [C] India Post Payments Bank
    [D] Fino Payments Bank
  10. Show Answer [C] India Post Payments Bank

  11. Mamang Dai has won the 2017 Sahitya Akademi Award in English language. She hails from which state?
    [A] Tripura
    [B] Arunachal Pradesh
    [C] West Bengal
    [D] Nagaland
  12. Show Answer [B] Arunachal Pradesh

  13. Anwar Jalalpuri the noted Urdu poet has passed away. He hailed from which state?
    [A] Arunachal Pradesh
    [B] Rajasthan
    [C] Telangana
    [D] Uttar Pradesh
  14. Show Answer [D] Uttar Pradesh

  15. Which city hosted the 32nd Indian Engineering Congress (IEC 2017)?
    [A] New Delhi
    [B] Chennai
    [C] Kolkata
    [D] Kochi

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