1. Run fast lest you ——— miss the train.
    (A) shall
    (B) would
    (C) could
    (D) should

  2. The teacher was angry …………..the pupils for making loud noise
    (C )over

  3. Have another cup of tea, .......?
    (A) will you ?
    (B) have you ?
    (C) do you ?
    (D) haven’t you
  4. Show Answer (A) will you ?

  5. Neither the girl nor her brother — passed.
    (A) have
    (B) did
    (C) do
    (D) has

  6. The car isn't in the garage,.........?
    (A) is it
    (B) does it
    (C) did it
    (D) does he

  7. He is .......... upon his uncle.
    (A) dependent
    (B) dependant
    (C) depending
    (D) depend
  8. Show Answer (A) dependent

  9. The new principal ————— great respect from his students.
    (A) received
    (B) observed
    (C) acquired
    (D) commanded

  10. They..........help you.
    (A) are
    (B) will
    (C) has
    (D) have

  11. If I ever find my glasses, I think I'll have.........replaced.
    (A) it
    (B) them
    (C) its
    (D) None

  12. Children ___ afraid of snakes
    (A) am
    (B) are
    (C) were
    (D) is

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