1. The synonym of plain is:
    (A) smooth
    (B) simple
    (C) soft
    (D) shining

  2. Kindly fill ____ your name and address here.
    (A) up
    (B) out
    (C) on
    (D) in

  3. Fill up the blanks using suitable choice: One of the boys ______ broken his leg.
    (A) has
    (B) have
    (C) has been
    (D) have been

  4. I ----- that project ten years ago.
    (A) have completed
    (B) completed
    (C) complete
    (D) has completed
  5. Show Answer (B) completed

  6. Everyone in my class......... to learn computer programming
    (A) wished
    (B) wishing
    (C) wishes
    (D) have wished

  7. The feminine gender of ‘nephew' is ___
    (A) nephrite
    (B) nephritic
    (C) niece
    (D) nephritis

  8. Give the correct spelling
    (A) Boyant
    (B) Bouant
    (C) Boyand
    (D) Buoyant

  9. The mechanic is good –––– repairing machines.
    (A) in
    (B) for
    (C) at
    (D) about

  10. We try to keep the President..........of recent developments in the economy.
    (A) appraised
    (B) apprised
    (C) upraised
    (D) None

  11. The phrase ‘to give out’ means:
    (A) to abandon
    (B) to yield
    (C) to announce
    (D) to distribute

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