1. The opposite of "obligatory" is :
    (A) voluntary
    (B) compulsory
    (C) necessary
    (D) None of the above
  2. Show Answer (A) voluntary

  3. The synonym of obstinate is
    (A) exact
    (B) strange
    (C) stern
    (D) stubborn

  4. Mahatma Gandhi insisted on ___ wearing khadi clothes,
    a) we
    b) us
    c) our
    d) ours

  5. The students in the last benches complained that they could not ——— what the teacher was saying.
    (A) make out
    (B) make up
    (C) make up for
    (D) make after

  6. I have been waiting.............4 o'clock.
    (A) for
    (B) since
    (C) from
    (D) at

  7. Use suitable alternative He prevented me _____ there.
    (A) to go
    (B) is going
    (C) from going
    (D) from to go
  8. Show Answer (C) from going

  9. Which is the past participle of flow?
    a) flown
    b) flowed
    c) flowing
    d) flew

  10. The correct sentence is
    (A) four weeks are a good holiday
    (B) four weeks is a good holiday
    (C) four week are good holidays
    (D) four week are a good holidays
  11. Show Answer (B) four weeks is a good holiday

  12. All the milk ____ sour
    (A) was
    (B) were
    (C) are
    (D) has

  13. He had..............money with him.
    (A) few
    (B) little
    (C) a little
    (D) the little

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