1. A fisherman on the bank of a pond is attempting to spear a Fish. He should?
    (A) aim above where he sees the fish
    (B) aim directly at the fish
    (C) aim below the fish
    (D) none of these
  2. Show Answer (C) aim below the fish

  3. Harriet is:
    a) an extremely elderly fish
    b) an extremely elderly bird
    c) an extremely elderly tree
    d) an extremely elderly tortoise
  4. Show Answer d) an extremely elderly tortoise

  5. Which of the following is a short tailed rodent used in scientific experiment?
    (A) Rat
    (B) Rabbit
    (C) Guinea pig
    (D) Squirrel
  6. Show Answer (C) Guinea pig

  7. Chlorination of potable water is carried out to?
    (A) to remove rotten fish smell
    (B) killgerms
    (C) render harmless minerals present in water
    (D) to remove tracts of hydrogen peroxide
  8. Show Answer (B) killgerms

  9. Impertinent means:
    (A) loving
    (B) kind
    (C) selfish
    (D) rude

  10. Which of the following creatures does not have ears?
    (A) Snake
    (B) Fish
    (C) Owl
    (D) Frog

  11. Study of fishes
    (A) Ornithology
    (B) Myology
    (C) Ichthyology
    (D) Oncology
  12. Show Answer (C) Ichthyology

  13. Ornithology is the study of
    (A) Worms
    (B) Birds
    (C) Insects
    (D) fish

  14. India has the highest productive potential offisheries in her?
    (A) inland water bodies
    (B) shallowcontinental shelf
    (C) deep sea areas
    (D) brackish water lagoons
  15. Show Answer (C) deep sea areas

  16. Kerala is known as the?
    (A) Fishing Centre of India
    (B) Mine of Coconuts
    (C) Spice Garden of India
    (D) State of Literates
  17. Show Answer (C) Spice Garden of India

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