1. Which is the main activity of the Eskimos during the short period of summer season?· .?
    (A) Hunting
    (B) Fishing
    (C) Lumbering
    (D) Animal grazing

  2. Which of the following fish varieties is not generally used for food?
    (A) Gold fish
    (B) Shark
    (C) Cutla
    (D) Gourami
  3. Show Answer (A) Gold fish

  4. Which of the following is the word opposite in meaning to the word 'amateur" ?
    A) rough
    B) artificial
    C) selfish
    D) professional
  5. Show Answer D) professional

  6. Of the following foods, which one is the best source of protein?
    (A) Butter
    (B) Fish
    (C) Lettuce
    (D) Milk

  7. What does the term 'Pisciculture' refer to?
    (A) Silkworm farming
    (B) Fish farming
    (C) Dairy farming
    (D) Bee Keeping
  8. Show Answer (B) Fish farming

  9. Which of the following is a non-vertebrate?
    (A) Snake
    (B) Fish
    (C) Cockroach
    (D) Frog
  10. Show Answer (C) Cockroach

  11. The largest fish exporting region in the world is?
    (A) The North-East Atlantic Region
    (B) The North-East Pacific.Region
    (C) The North-West PacificRegion
    (D) The South- East Asian Region
  12. Show Answer (A) The North-East Atlantic Region

  13. Animals that creep are called:
    (A) insects
    (B) reptiles
    (C) fish
    (D) ant

  14. Ichthyology is the study of
    (A) Animals
    (B) Shark
    (C) Fish
    (D) Frog

  15. Chlorination of potable water is carried out to?
    (A) to remove rotten fish smell
    (B) killgerms
    (C) render harmless minerals present in water
    (D) to remove tracts of hydrogen peroxide
  16. Show Answer (B) killgerms

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