General Knowledge

  1. Three major powers that emerged in southern India in the 7th century A.D. were
    (A) Cheras
    (B) Cholas
    (C) Chalukyas
    (D) Pallavas
  2. Show Answer (C) Chalukyas

  3. The height of Mount Anamudi is estimated to be
    (A) 1,817 metres
    (B) 3,817 metres
    (C) 2,817 metres
    (D) 4,800 metres
  4. Show Answer (C) 2,817 metres

  5. Custodian of foreign exchange is?
    (A) Foreign Exchange Bank
    (B) State Bank of India
    (C) Foreign Bank
    (D) Reserve Bank of India
  6. Show Answer (D) Reserve Bank of India

  7. India has signed how much amount of loan agreement with World Bank (WB) for UP Tourism Project?
    [A] $75 million
    [B] $54 million
    [C] $33 million
    [D] $40 million
  8. Show Answer [D] $40 million

  9. The study of old age, its phenomena and disease is known as?
    (A) Dactylography
    (B) Aetiology
    (C) Psephology
    (D) Gerontology
  10. Show Answer (A) Dactylography

  11. The first woman film star nominated or elected to the Rajya Sabha was?
    (A) Nargis Dutt
    (B) Vijayanthimala
    (C) Jayalalitha
    (D) ShabanaAzmi
  12. Show Answer (A) Nargis Dutt

  13. International Literacy day is observed on
    (A) 5th September
    (B) 8th September
    (C) 5th October
    (D) 8t October
  14. Show Answer (B) 8th September

  15. The Italian travller, who left very praiseworthy account of the Vijayanagar Empire was,
    (A) E. Barbosa
    (B) Manucci
    (C) Marco Polo
    (D) Nicolo Conti
  16. Show Answer (D) Nicolo Conti

  17. The career and legened of Vascodagama is a book written by?
    (A) Arun Shourie
    (B) Kushwantsing
    (C) Sanjay Subramaniyan
    (D) None of these
  18. Show Answer (C) Sanjay Subramaniyan

  19. The poisonous gas formed when plastic is burned
    (A) Carbon monoxide
    (B) Sulphur dioxide
    (C) Dioxine
    (D) Phosgene

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