General Knowledge

  1. ———— are used to kill living organisms in food stuffs:
    (A) X-rays
    (B) Alpha rays
    (C) Beta rays
    (D) Ultraviolet rays
  2. Show Answer (D) Ultraviolet rays

  3. Who among the following won the Magsaysay Award, Nobel Prize and Bharat Ratna?
    (A) C.V. Raman
    (B) Mother Teressa
    (C) Rabindranath Tagore
    (D) None of these
  4. Show Answer (B) Mother Teressa

  5. Which country is known as the sugar bowl of the world?
    (A) Cuba
    (B) India
    (C) Indonesia
    (D) Brazil

  6. Aristophanes is regarded as the father of?
    (A) Tragedy
    (B) Comedy
    (C) Satire
    (D) Puppetry

  7. Who was known as the "Lion of the Punjab"?
    (A) Bal GangadharTilak
    (B) Lala Lajpat Rai
    (C) Bhagat Singh
    (D) Gopalakrishna Gokhale
  8. Show Answer (B) Lala Lajpat Rai

  9. Mahatma Gandhi gave the slogan "Do or die" in which of the following cities?
    (A) Bombay
    (B) Calcutta
    (C) Ahmedabad
    (D) Kanpur
  10. Show Answer (C) Ahmedabad

  11. Which is the plant that uses insects as food?
    (A) Pitcher plant
    (B) Loranthus
    (C) Lotus
    (D) Orchid
  12. Show Answer (A) Pitcher plant

  13. Who is the first winner of Chithra Thirunal National Award?
    (A) Dr.G.Madhavan Nair
    (B) Mohanlal
    (C) K.J.YesudaS
    (D) None of these
  14. Show Answer (A) Dr.G.Madhavan Nair

  15. Nocturnal relates to
    (A) night time
    (B) day time
    (C) evening
    (D) afternoon
  16. Show Answer (A) night time

  17. Which is not an example for modification of underground stems?
    (A) Ginger
    (B) Potato
    (C) Turmeric (Manjal)
    (D) Carrot

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