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  1. Which of the following book is selected for ‘Library Council Sahithya Award’ 2010?
    (A) Komala
    (B) Prabhathadarsanam
    (C) Velicham
    (D) None of these

  2. Who is the author of the book ‘Mein Kampf’?
    (A) Adolf Hitler
    (B) George Eliot
    (C) M.J.Akbar
    (D) Harbans Singh
  3. Show Answer (A) Adolf Hitler

  4. ‘Kathiru Kanakkili’ is a book written by
    (A) Ponkunnam Varkey
    (B) M.Mukundan
    (C) Ramappothuval
    (D) A.Sreedhara menon
  5. Show Answer (A) Ponkunnam Varkey

  6. Who is the writer of a book ‘Mayilpeeli’ ?
    (A) S.K.Pottekadu
    (B) Balamani Amma
    (C) O.N.V.Kurup
    (D) O.V.Vijayan
  7. Show Answer (C) O.N.V.Kurup

  8. ‘Wonder that was India’ is the famous book written by
    (A) Samuel Butler
    (B) H.G.wells
    (C) A.L.Basham
    (D) D.H.Lawrence
  9. Show Answer (C) A.L.Basham

  10. ‘Julius Caesar’ is a book written by
    (A) William Shakespeare
    (B) Toni Morrison
    (C) James Boswell
    (D) George Bernard Shaw
  11. Show Answer (A) William Shakespeare

  12. Brahmanas are books that deal with
    (A) Bhakti
    (B) Ritualism
    (C) Yoga
    (D) Meditation
  13. Show Answer (B) Ritualism

  14. Fire on the Mountain is a book written by
    (A) Jumpa Lahiri
    (B) Anita Desai
    (C) Arundhati Roy
    (D) Shashi Tharoor
  15. Show Answer (B) Anita Desai

  16. Yesterday and Today is a book written by
    (A) Dr.Amartyasen
    (B) Natwar Singh
    (C) Sarojini Naidu
    (D) K.P.S.Menon
  17. Show Answer (D) K.P.S.Menon

  18. Who among the following is the first Indian to win the ‘Special Book Award’ of China?
    (A) Prof. B.R. Deepak
    (B) B.R. Padhak
    (C) Sreelal Sukla
    (D) None of these
  19. Show Answer (A) Prof. B.R. Deepak

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