Mental ability

  1. A cyclist goes 40 km towards East and then turning to right he goes 40 km. Again he turn to his left and goes 20 km. After this he turns to his left and goes 40 km, then again he turns right and goes 10 km. How far is he from his starting point?
    (A) 150 km
    (B) 60 km
    (C) 70 km
    (D) 50 km

  2. In a queue of students A is 18th from front while B is 16th from the back. If C is 25th from the front and is exactly in the middle of A and B, the number of students in the queue:
    (A) 48
    (B) 47
    (C) 46
    (D) 45

  3. A = 1, B = 2, C = 3; How can we write ADICT in numbers?
    a) 149320
    b) 14129
    c) 14349
    d) 14249

  4. 1710 : 1811 : : 2516 : ?
    (A) 2617
    (B) 2415
    (C) 3618
    (D) 2615

  5. Knowledge : Reading therefore Health:?
    a) Food
    b) Body
    c) Exercise
    d) Doctor

  6. If the five students sitting in a row, Leela is left to Geetha but on the right of Reetha. Seetha is on the right of Geetha but on the left of Valsa. The student sitting in the middle is
    (A) Leela
    (B) Geetha
    (C) Valsa
    (D) Seetha

  7. Uncle : Aunt: then Father : .....................?
    a) Mother
    b) Daughter
    c) Sister
    d) Brother

    (A) NATNOI
    (B) TANION
    (C) TANNOI
    (D) TANNIO

  9. When students are arranged in a line on the basis of height, Raju’s position was 15th. If he is 20th from the last; how many students are there in his class?
    (A) 33
    (B) 35
    (C) 34
    (D) 32

  10. Find out the odd one
    (A) Hydrogen
    (B) Chlorine
    (C) Bromine
    (D) Iodine

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