Mental ability

  1. A man is facing south. He turns 135° in the anticlockwise direction and 180° in the clockwise direction. In which direction he is facing now?
    (A) North-East
    (B) North-West
    (C) South-West
    (D) South-East
  2. Show Answer (C) South-West

  3. Five students are sitting in a row. T is on the right of Z, M is on the left of Z but is on the right of L. T is on the left of Q. Who is sitting first from the left?
    (A) Z
    (B) T
    (C) Q
    (D) L

  4. Sita travels 7 km towards north, then turns right and walk 3 km. She again turns to her right and moves 7 km forward. How far is Sita away from the starting point ?
    (A)3 km
    (B)17 cm
    (C)10 km
    (D)7 km

  5. P 2 C, R 4 E, T 6 G, __
    (A) V 8 I
    (B) U 7 H
    (C) U 8 I
    (D) V 7 I

  6. If the five students sitting in a row, Leela is left to Geetha but on the right of Reetha. Seetha is on the right of Geetha but on the left of Valsa. The student sitting in the middle is
    (A) Leela
    (B) Geetha
    (C) Valsa
    (D) Seetha

  7. Pick out the odd on:
    a) Bread
    b) Butter
    c) Tea
    d) Bun

  8. In a march past, Seven persons are standing in a row. Q is standing left to R but right to P. O is standing right to N and left to P. Similarly S is standing right to R and left to T. Find out, who is standing in the middle?
    (A) P
    (B) R
    (C) O
    (D) Q

  9. In a queue of students A is 18th from front while B is 16th from the back. If C is 25th from the front and is exactly in the middle of A and B, the number of students in the queue:
    (A) 48
    (B) 47
    (C) 46
    (D) 45

  10. Knowledge : Reading therefore Health:?
    a) Food
    b) Body
    c) Exercise
    d) Doctor

  11. Teacher : School. Therefore Clerk .............?
    a) File
    b) Office
    c) Officer
    d) Draft

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