Health Science

  1. The disease caused by asbestos is?
    (A) Emphysema
    (B) Dysentery
    (C) Diarrhoea
    (D) Paralysis
  2. Show Answer (A) Emphysema

  3. The meaning of ‘jaunt’ is :
    (A) disease
    (B) tired
    (C) a short trip
    (D) a long trip
  4. Show Answer (C) a short trip

  5. Epidemiology is the study of?
    (A) dermis diseases
    (B) epidemic diseases
    (C) epidermis diseases
    (D) none of these
  6. Show Answer (B) epidemic diseases

  7. Which of the following is NOT a water-borne disease?
    (A) Typhoid
    (B) Cholera
    (C) Amoebic dysentery
    (D) Asthma

  8. What is Otology?
    (A) Science of ear diseases
    (B) Science of tooth diseases
    (C) Science of stomach diseases
    (D) None of the above
  9. Show Answer (A) Science of ear diseases

  10. Which of the following is not a viral disease?
    (A) Avion flue
    (B) Malaria
    (C) Sars
    (D) Dengue fever

  11. The scientist who formulated the "Germ theory of disease is?
    (A) Louis Pasteur
    (B) Lamarok
    (C) Hugo Devries
    (D) Griger Mendel
  12. Show Answer (A) Louis Pasteur

  13. One of the followingis not a fungal disease?
    (A) Bunchy top of banana
    (B) Coconut bud rot
    (C) Koleroga in arecanut
    (D) Quick wilt in pepper
  14. Show Answer (A) Bunchy top of banana

  15. Disorder caused by an extra copy chromosome number 21?
    (A) Knife felters syndrome
    (B) Down syndrome
    (C) Turners syndrome
    (D) Alzheimers disease
  16. Show Answer (B) Down syndrome

  17. Super bugs produced through genetic engineering is used?
    (A) to produce insulin
    (B) to destroy pests
    (C) remove oil spills
    (D) to treat hereditary diseases
  18. Show Answer (C) remove oil spills

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