Health Science

  1. Scurvy is the disease caused by the deficiency of?
    (A) VitaminA
    (B) Vitamin B
    (C) Vitamin C
    (D) Vitamin D
  2. Show Answer (C) Vitamin C

  3. In certain diseases antibiotics are administered. The object is to?
    (A) stimulate production of white blood cells for fighting the disease
    (B) stimulate the production of antibodies
    (C) inhibit the growth of bacteria
    (D) produce toxins against bacteria
  4. Show Answer (C) inhibit the growth of bacteria

  5. Super bugs produced through genetic engineering is used?
    (A) to produce insulin
    (B) to destroy pests
    (C) remove oil spills
    (D) to treat hereditary diseases
  6. Show Answer (C) remove oil spills

  7. One of the followingis not a fungal disease?
    (A) Bunchy top of banana
    (B) Coconut bud rot
    (C) Koleroga in arecanut
    (D) Quick wilt in pepper
  8. Show Answer (A) Bunchy top of banana

  9. Sulpha drugs are effective against diseases caused by?
    (A) Bacteria
    (B) Worms
    (C) Vitamin deficiency
    (D) Glandular upsets

  10. What is hydroponics?
    (A) culture of plants only in solutions without soil
    (B) treatment of diseases with water
    (C) study of extraction of metals from ore
    (D) None of the above
  11. Show Answer (A) culture of plants only in solutions without soil

  12. The disease not transmitted by house-fly is?
    (A) Cholera
    (B) Enteric fever
    (C) Dengue fever
    (D) Dysentery
  13. Show Answer (C) Dengue fever

  14. Which of the following statements about diseases is not correct?
    (A) Patients suffering from diabetes need to be administered insulin
    (B) Diphtheria is not a communicable disease
    (C) Chemotherapy is resorted to as a treatment of patients suffering from cancer
    (D) Meningitis affects the brain
  15. Show Answer (B) Diphtheria is not a communicable disease

  16. Which of the following diseases is caused by the bite of a mad dog?
    (A) Leukaemia
    (B) Scurvy
    (C) Diphtheria
    (D) Hydrophobia
  17. Show Answer (D) Hydrophobia

  18. Triple antigen provides immunity to children against all of the following diseases, except?
    (A) Diphtheria
    (B) Polio
    (C) Tetanus
    (D) Whooping cough

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