Health Science

  1. Parkinsons disease affects?
    (A) Kidney
    (B) Nervous system
    (C) Eye
    (D) Skin
  2. Show Answer (B) Nervous system

  3. Blight disease in paddy is caused by?
    (A) Fungus
    (B) Virus
    (C) Bacteria
    (D) Aphids

  4. Which of the following statements about diseases is not correct?
    (A) Patients suffering from diabetes need to be administered insulin
    (B) Diphtheria is not a communicable disease
    (C) Chemotherapy is resorted to as a treatment of patients suffering from cancer
    (D) Meningitis affects the brain
  5. Show Answer (B) Diphtheria is not a communicable disease

  6. The lens used to rectify the disease, 'Myopia'?
    (A) Convex Lens
    (B) Concave Lens
    (C) Biconcave Lens
    (D) Biconvex Lens
  7. Show Answer (B) Concave Lens

  8. The disease caused by a protozoa?
    (A) AIDS
    (B) Malaria
    (C) Chicken guniya .
    (D) Typhoid

  9. Sulpha drugs are effective against diseases caused by?
    (A) Bacteria
    (B) Worms
    (C) Vitamin deficiency
    (D) Glandular upsets

  10. Inoculation of vaccines to prevent diseases is?
    (A) Prepathogenesis
    (B) Immunisation
    (C) Incubation
    (D) Hibernation
  11. Show Answer (B) Immunisation

  12. Which is the "black death" disease?
    (A) Avian flue
    (B) Swine flue
    (C) Plague
    (D) Ma aria

  13. Hyper secretion of growth hormone in adult causes?
    (A) Gigantism
    (B) Acromegaly
    (C) Cretenism .
    (D) Simmons disease
  14. Show Answer (B) Acromegaly

  15. Which of the following diseases is caused by the bite of a mad dog?
    (A) Leukaemia
    (B) Scurvy
    (C) Diphtheria
    (D) Hydrophobia
  16. Show Answer (D) Hydrophobia

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