Rivers, mountains & oceans

  1. The river which carries large quantity of water every year to the sea is?
    (A) Ganga
    (B) Congo
    (C) Amazon
    (D) Mississippi

  2. Abroad channel where the waters of a river and a sea mingle is called?
    (A) A delta
    (B) An estuary
    (C) A harbour
    (D) A strait
  3. Show Answer (B) An estuary

  4. Shanghai is situated on the river?
    (A) Hwang Ho
    (B) Yangtze Kiang
    (C) Min Chiang
    (D) Hsiang
  5. Show Answer (C) Min Chiang

  6. Lapse Rate is the rate of change in?
    (A) temperature with increase of altitude
    (B) rainfall with increase of altitude
    (C) salinity with ocean depth
    (D) pace of movement of glacier
  7. Show Answer (A) temperature with increase of altitude

  8. The riverine port handling-diversified commodities in India is?
    (A) Paradip
    (B) Kandla
    (C) Mangalore
    (D) Kolkata

  9. Which of the following rivers is shared by the largest number of States?
    (A) Cauvery
    (B) Godavari
    (C) Krishna
    (D) Mahanadi

  10. From which river has the Rajasthan canal (Indira Gandhi canal) been taken out?
    (A) Ravi
    (B) Chambal
    (C) Sutlej
    (D) Beas

  11. When the tidal wave moving upstream in a shallow river, it is known as?
    (A) Tidal current
    (B) Tidal Bore
    (C) Gulf-tide
    (D) River"tide
  12. Show Answer (B) Tidal Bore

  13. On which river the Pong Dam has been constructed?
    (A) Ganga
    (B) Tapti
    (C) Vamuna
    (D) Beas

  14. Which of the following rivers has its source near Ajmer in the Aravalli Range?
    (A) Luni
    (B) Mahi
    (C) Narmada
    (D) None of these

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