Rivers, mountains & oceans

  1. Lapse Rate is the rate of change in?
    (A) temperature with increase of altitude
    (B) rainfall with increase of altitude
    (C) salinity with ocean depth
    (D) pace of movement of glacier
  2. Show Answer (A) temperature with increase of altitude

  3. Which of the following dams is NOT on Narmada river?
    (A) Indira Sagar Project
    (B) Maheshwar Hydel Power Project
    (C) Jobat Project
    (D) Koyna Power Project
  4. Show Answer (D) Koyna Power Project

  5. On which river the Pong Dam has been constructed?
    (A) Ganga
    (B) Tapti
    (C) Vamuna
    (D) Beas

  6. When rivers carrying a load enter the sea, their flow gets checked and much of the material so carried is deposited offshore. Such deposits result in the formation of?
    (A) An atoll
    (B) Adelta
    (C) A harbour
    (D) ' Alake

  7. Leningrad is on the bank of?
    (A) Tiber river
    (B) Elba river
    (C) Neva river
    (D) Clyde river
  8. Show Answer (C) Neva river

  9. Shanghai is situated on the river?
    (A) Hwang Ho
    (B) Yangtze Kiang
    (C) Min Chiang
    (D) Hsiang
  10. Show Answer (C) Min Chiang

  11. The Canal which connects Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean?
    (A) Suez Canal
    (B) Panama Canal
    (C) Dardanelles
    (D) Pak Strait
  12. Show Answer (B) Panama Canal

  13. In India, the length of major rivers (Kms) navigable by mechanised crafts is approximately?
    (A) 3700
    (B) 2;000
    (C) 4300
    (D) 3000

  14. The territory of Porus who offered strong resistance to Alexander was situated between the rivers of?
    (A) Sutlej and Beas
    (B) Jhelum and Chenab
    (C) Ravi and Chenab
    (D) Ganga and Jamuna
  15. Show Answer (B) Jhelum and Chenab

  16. The Atlantic Ocean adjacent to is an important fishing region?
    (A) Norway
    (B) U.K.
    (C) Iceland
    (D) India

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