Rivers, mountains & oceans

  1. The Salal Project is on the river?
    (A) Chenab
    (B) Jhelum
    (C) Ravi
    (D) Sutlej

  2. "Jim Corbett National Park" is situated in the valley of the river?
    (A) Ramganga
    (B) Ghagra
    (C) Sarayu
    (D) Rapti

  3. When a ship enters the sea from a fresh water river, it will?
    (A) rise to a higher level
    (B) sink slightly
    (C) remain at the same level as it was in the river
    (D) first rise and then sink slightly
  4. Show Answer (A) rise to a higher level

  5. The Atlantic Ocean adjacent to is an important fishing region?
    (A) Norway
    (B) U.K.
    (C) Iceland
    (D) India

  6. The most urbanised area in the less developed regions of the world is?
    (A) Oceania
    (B) South America
    (C) Africa
    (D) Asia
  7. Show Answer (B) South America

  8. Which of the following rivers in India is shared by large number of States?
    (A) Mahanadi
    (B) Krishna
    (C) Ganga
    (D) Godavari

  9. In India, the length of major rivers (Kms) navigable by mechanised crafts is approximately?
    (A) 3700
    (B) 2;000
    (C) 4300
    (D) 3000

  10. From which river has the Rajasthan canal (Indira Gandhi canal) been taken out?
    (A) Ravi
    (B) Chambal
    (C) Sutlej
    (D) Beas

  11. Leningrad is on the bank of?
    (A) Tiber river
    (B) Elba river
    (C) Neva river
    (D) Clyde river
  12. Show Answer (C) Neva river

  13. Which set of two rivers given below together forms the world's largest delta, before their' waters flow into the respective seas?
    (A) Seine and the Rhine
    (B) Danube and the Thames
    (C) Euphrates and the Nile
    (D) Ganges and the Brahmaputra
  14. Show Answer (D) Ganges and the Brahmaputra

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