1. Who is the first winner of ‘Indira Gandhi Award for International Justice and Harmony’?
    (A) Yasir Arafath
    (B) Dr. Manmohan Singh
    (C) Mikhayel Gorbachev
    (D) None of these
  2. Show Answer (A) Yasir Arafath

  3. ‘Bharathendu Harishchandra Award’ was instituted by
    (A) Ministry of Home Affairs
    (B) Ministry of Information and Broadcasting
    (C) Ministry of Railway
    (D) None of these
  4. Show Answer (B) Ministry of Information and Broadcasting

  5. When was ‘Sram’ award come to being ?
    (A) 1980
    (B) 1975
    (C) 1985
    (D) 1995

  6. Who was selected the 26th Indira Gandhi Award for National Integration
    (A) Ila Bhatt
    (B) Julian Barnes
    (C) Mohan Daria
    (D) None of these
  7. Show Answer (C) Mohan Daria

  8. Who is the first Footballer won the Arjuna Award?
    (A) Brahmanandh B
    (B) I.M.Vijayan
    (C) P.K.Banerji
    (D) P.K.Money
  9. Show Answer (C) P.K.Banerji

  10. Who among the following has been conferred with the Dilip Sardesai Award for Sports Excellence?
    (A) Bakthi Kulkarni
    (B) Surya Sekhar Ganguly
    (C) Abhijeet Gupta
    (D) None of these
  11. Show Answer (A) Bakthi Kulkarni

  12. The first receipient of Dada Sahib Phalke Award was
    (A) Prithvi Raj Kapoor
    (B) Devika Rani
    (C) Kanan Devi
    (D) Dhiren Ganguli
  13. Show Answer (B) Devika Rani

  14. Who among following has been selected for the Crystal Award?
    (A) A.R.Rahman
    (B) Lata Mangeshkar
    (C) Dr. K.J.Yesudas
    (D) None of these
  15. Show Answer (A) A.R.Rahman

  16. Who is the first winner of ‘Lata Mangeshkar Award’ given by Madhya Pradesh Government?
    (A) O.P.Nayyar
    (B) Bheen Sen Joshi
    (C) Noushad
    (D) None of these

  17. ‘Dr. B.C. Roy National Award’ is given to which field?
    (A) Mathematics
    (B) Medical Science
    (C) Economics
    (D) Computer Science
  18. Show Answer (B) Medical Science

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