1. Which award is known as the Nobel prize for Journalism?
    (A) Pulitzter prize
    (B) Right Lively hood
    (C) Magsasay
    (D) None of these
  2. Show Answer (A) Pulitzter prize

  3. When was ‘Dronacharya Award’, come to being?
    (A) 1985
    (B) 1986
    (C) 1988
    (D) None of these

  4. Who is the first winner of ‘Lata Mangeshkar Award’ given by Madhya Pradesh Government?
    (A) O.P.Nayyar
    (B) Bheen Sen Joshi
    (C) Noushad
    (D) None of these

  5. ‘Bhagavan Mahaveer Foundation Award’ is given to which field?
    (A) Non Violence and Vegetarianism
    (B) Education
    (C) Medical Science
    (D) All of these
  6. Show Answer (D) All of these

  7. Tony award is given for achievements in
    (A) Motive direction
    (B) Photography
    (C) Theatre
    (D) None of these

  8. Who is the first winner of ‘Bhagavan Mahaveer Foundation Award’?
    (A) Dr. Nayudhama
    (B) H. K. Firodhia
    (C) Anna Hazare
    (D) None of these
  9. Show Answer (B) H. K. Firodhia

  10. Who is the first woman to won the best director of Oscar Award?
    (A) Kathryn Bigelow
    (B) Mariyon Kottilad
    (C) Kathryn Hipbern
    (D) None of these
  11. Show Answer (A) Kathryn Bigelow

  12. Thulasi Award was instituted by
    (A) The Government of Rajasthan
    (B) The Government of Madhya Pradesh
    (C) The Government of Uttar Pradesh
    (D) None of these
  13. Show Answer (B) The Government of Madhya Pradesh

  14. For which work did G. Sankara Kurup win the Jnanpith award ?
    (A) Sahithya Manjari
    (B) Odakuzhal
    (C) Olappeepi
    (D) None of these
  15. Show Answer (B) Odakuzhal

  16. ‘Dr. B.C. Roy National Award’ is given to which field?
    (A) Mathematics
    (B) Medical Science
    (C) Economics
    (D) Computer Science
  17. Show Answer (B) Medical Science

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