Questions from English

1. Which one is in the plural form ?
(A) mouse
(B) oxen
(C) radius
(D) crisis
3. ‘Sagacious’ means:
(A) Foolish
(B) Reserved
(C) Wise
(D) Proud
4. Choose the word opposite in meaning to the given word EXTERNAL
(A) eccentric
(B) uncultivated
(C) terrifying
(D) internal
5. Water _____ at a temperature of 100º C.
(A) is boiling
(B) is boiled
(C) is to boil
(D) boils
6. He is very ------- in winning such crises.
(A) fortunately
(B) fortune
(C) fortunate
(D) misfortunate
10. It is the time of power cut, so don’t -------- the candle.
(A) put off
(B) put out
(C) put on
(D) put up


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