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11. June 5th is annually celebrating as?
(A) Women's day
(B) Solar day
(C) Mothers Day
(D) Environment Day
13. Name the device used to convert A.C. to D.C?
(A) Capacitor
(B) Transistor
(C) Solar Cell
(D) Diode
15. Which is the most dense planet of solar system?
(A) Jupiter
(B) Neptune
(C) Earth
(D) Saturn
16. First Solar Flight which round the World?
(A) Solar Impulse
(C) Mig27
(D) Tejas
17. Which is the first fully Solar Powered Educational Institute in India?
(A) Sir Aurobindo International Centre for Education
(B) Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology
(C) All India Institute of Medical Science .
(D) None of these
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20. Which one is NOT a non-conventional energy source?
(A) thermal power
(B) solar energy
(C) wind energy
(D) tidal power I


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