Questions from Basic General Knowledge

12421. Which was a novelty in Shah Jahan’s buildings ?

Makrana marble

12422. Which is most efficient engine?


12423. When is World Hospice and Palliative Care Day observed?


12424. Who is the author of “The Dark Room”?

R.K. Narayan

12425. Who performed India's first heart transplantation on 3rd August 1994?

Dr. Venugopal of All India Institute of Medical Science

12426. Plato was the student of?


12427. The ‘Paditrupputtu’ is a collection of poems in the praise of which king?


12428. Which is the branch of agriculture concerned with the production of crops?


12429. If the dew point is below freezing; it is referred to which point?

Frost point

12430. Largest and longest bone is ?

Femur (thigh bone)


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